Los Arcos Logo Small.jpg

Los Arcos is a unique, open concept, multi-tenant project comprised of multiple food, beverage and retail spaces in the expansive ground floor of one of Santa Barbara’s most beautiful landmark buildings. Designed by famed architects Edwards and Plunkett following the 1925 earthquake, the building remained largely untouched over the decades before being freshly reimagined by Miramar Group as a dynamic destination property where vendors work together in the multiple defined yet contiguous spaces to provide patrons a comprehensive experience.

Located in the heart of Santa Barbara’s central business district and featuring charming original architectural details, soaring ceilings, a large outdoor patio, a layout that lends itself to an indoor/outdoor bar and easy access to parking, Los Arcos is an ideal morning-to-night property for retail, food, beverage and coffee vendors, as well as offering six newly renovated office suites on the second floor.