Based in Santa Barbara, California, Miramar Group is a firm specializing in commercial real estate investment, development, management and brokerage. All locally born and raised, founding partners Barrett Reed, Joseph Corazza and John Goodman are committed to creating prosperity for Miramar Group's shareholders and clients through sustainable and innovative projects that support and advance the community. In addition to Los Arcos, Miramar Group is responsible for the Waterline in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone, as well as Kim’s Service Dept. at 418 State Street, each utilizing a dynamic multi-tenant layout with carefully curated vendors to create destination properties for both visitors and locals alike.

As the developer of Los Arcos, Miramar Group will navigate complicated municipal and state agency requirements, employ inventive design strategies and carry out an exhaustive vendor selection process to ensure that the property be transformed into a vibrant gathering space, comprised of vendors that are or will be part of Santa Barbara's unique cultural fabric and community. Six newly renovated office suites occupy the second floor, providing office tenants an ideal lifestyle/work environment, with a building that's appealing to clients, customers and associates, while offering the benefits of a traditional private office.

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